Who we are?

Yasatan Group has started its activities at 1984 in insurance sector. Than the group has extended its activities by opening a small printing house which is 240 square. By this investment group has entered promotion, advertisement and printing sectors. At 2000 group has opened a new printing house which is about 380 square meter and group has created own brands in memorandum books, note books and calendars. By these investments and progresses group has become well known in the regional area. Today the group become well known and confidential brand in promotion sector with over 20 years experience.

2003- Brought the first 4 colour ofset machine to Mediterranean region

2005- Extended our facility; we have bought our own factory which is about 500 square meters.

2005- By buying Müller Martini machine which is printing on 52 cm, we have forestalled all our competitors in producing and printing computer papers.

2012- Moved our production facility to 1200 square meters, became the largest facility in the region on production and selling of offset printing, promotional production and computer papers.

2014- By buying box production equipments from Greece we have started to serving in Antalya, Burdur, Isparta, Afyon, Muğla

2014-Group has started the construction of new factory in Antalya OSB part 3 on 12.076 square meter land

2015- At the end of 2015 construction has finished and group has opened new factory which has 6000 square meter closed area.

2014-2015- Being selected the most investing top ten company list in Antalya OSB region

2013-2014-2015-2016- In these years our sales have increased over 70 percent thus increased our employment ratio 100 percent.

2015-2016- Our investment value exceeded 35 million Turkish Liras, despite the economic crisis we have kept growing.

With the investments on facility and machinery and capacity report of TOBB proofed that our group has entered the biggest 10 factories in Turkey.

2015- By taking certificates of Food Comformity, Industry Registration and Book Printing we look forward to take more attention from the leaders of industry

Our companys' first goal is to start and improve exporting in 2017.

As Yasatan Group our main goal is to improve our sales activities not only in our countrys' all cities but also in all over the world.

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