Who we are?

As Yasatan Group, we commenced our commercial life in 1984 in the field of insurance. In 1991 we have founded Yasatan Insurance Intermediary Services in the field of insurance, which is our first Joint Stock Company. We are stil provide services in this company of ours. Yasatan Insurance Intermediary Services is all-time best insurance company in Turkey. Cagdas Yasatan A.S., which involves our factory today, commenced business in 1997. At the begining our company started business as a very small printing house which is only 135 square meters. In 2000 our company has been transferred to a new location which is 380 square meters, in 2005 has been transferred a new one, which is 500 square meters.

In 2010 Cagdas Yasatan keep serving in a 1200 square meters location. In 2004 Cagdas Yasatan introduced technology to Antalya by bringing very first 4 colored 305 Man Roland Printing Machine to our city. In 2010, Cagdas Yasatan has bought the biggest continuous forms paper production machine in the region. In 2014, we have laid a foundation of our first factory by having 12076 square meters location in Antalya Organized Industrial Region. Our 5500 square meters 1st Section of Factory has started business in 01.01.2016. Thanks to our factory investment, in 2014, out of 10 factories with most investments we have been honored being 6th place by Antalya Organized Industrial Region Headquarters. In 2015 out of 10 factories we have been awarded 3rd place. In 2016 we have included printing, cutting, folding machines to our company, which are rarely found in Turkey. Activating our corrugated cardboard production line, we commenced production of corrugated parcel and box. We have reached capable to compete position all over the world and make sales with carton material all over the country by acquiring a franchise from Kartonsan Selka company in November 2016.

In 2018 our 2nd Section of factory instruction has started and completed in a little while. By having XL Printing 6 colored KBA + Lacquer in our 2nd Section Cagdas Yasatan has been moved to the top level. In addition we have started production by having E+B Corrugation Production Linein our 2nd Section. With these investments, we are one of 10 factrories with most investments: high-speed covered machine, high-speed cutting machine, window patching machine, burger machine, four reels high-speed sheet cutter machine. Within our constitution we do have 130 machines, including 7 offset machines, 8 cutting machines, 3 gluing machines, 2 covered machines, 3 automatic cutter corrugation line, 1 flexo printing line, after printing bookbinder machines. In 2019 we have continued our investments and working of BRC quality system. We added 1500 square meters of indoor space to the outside area. We installed 145 cm 6 point paste machine, 2 bobbin to bobbin flexo printing machine, paper bag machine and corrugated line next to our machine park. Our factory has three sections, it's open area has reached 12076 square meters, including 10000 square meters closed area.

We, as Cagdas Yasatan, are the first and only box and parcel producer with Food Conformith Certificate. Along with having Halal Food Certificate, ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 10002: 2014, ISO 22000: 2005 Certificates of Quality, we have commenced BRC.

Our factory has increased it's production approximately 5% every year and also icreased it's employment 300% in last 3 years. Cagdas Yasatan has commenced foreign trade in last quarter of 2017 and in 2018 by exporting more than 10 contries it has achieved a target in foreign trade. Our biggest target is, to be in the list of our country's second 500 industrial enterprise within 3 years and being a factory which exports at least as 10.000.000 $. With the strength we having from you esteemed customers we want to be in first 3 companies in this sector by producing quality products cost-effective. In 2019 we have started to make e-sales in all domestic and international sales platforms and in our own website by adapting to the changing world conditions. We also make sales through our website (www.yasatankutu.com) for low quantity products.In addition, our products are sold in all of the biggest sales sites in our country and the world in e-sales.

As Yasatan Group, we have three INC. available: Yasatan Insurance Brokerage Services INC. Since 1991, Cagdas Yasatan INC. Since 1997, and Yasatan Box Import and Export INC has been serving since 2017.

Yours Sincerely,

Halil Tıraş

Chairman of the Board