Corrugated Cardboard Machine

As Yaşatan Corrugated Box, it produces E and B wave open corrugations with our 135 cm B-C-E wave corrugated line. In addition to the production of corrugated sheets, we are producing fast and economical solutions especially for open corrugated production.

Yaşatan Corrugated Cardboard Boxes and Boxes We produce all kinds of transport boxes, agriculture, industry, food boxes, pizza, pita, lahmacun and Turkish delight boxes with our Italian Gandossi Rotary 208 cm 3 color machine. B-C-E-BC-EB and all the waves and standard or optional quality production. In addition, we produce the best quality boxes and durable boxes in the world by automatic plastering in our Offset Printed Chromium Cardboard Plastering Machine. We carry out shipments with our service vehicles within our company.